Sweets of the Region of Valencia

For dessert in the Land of Valencia there are artisan cheeses – cassoleta, de servilleta, Tronchón, Burriana, Puzol, Cervera – of very savoury characteristics, and a wide array of unique sweetmeats which are usually made during religious feasts in the Christian calendar.

Sweet floury breads halfway between normal bread and confectionery are zealously made at the end of winter, and Easter brings a wide variety of typical monas de Pascua, or Easter loaves. In addition to sweet pastries and confectionery called pastes and pastissos, coques and coquetes at any time of year, we can add an emblematic dessert dish going by the name of arnadí, made using sweet potato or pumpkin; custard; Fallas buns; pastis de gloria made for the Saturday before Easter; leche merengada (ice cream made from milk, egg whites and flavourings); tiger nut milk called horchata; cheese custards; anisette rolls; pumpkin turnovers, crisp almond cookies called carquiñolis de avellana; orelletes (pan fried sweets) and a very long list of other delicacies. The repertoire for the sweet-toothed includes other star performers in Spanish gastronomy: none other than the nougatlike turrones from Xixona and Alicante, made from the abundance of almonds and honey produced in various districts of the province. Turrón comes in hard and soft versions, accompanied by marzipan, and cookies called panellets and huesos de santo.

This list also compulsorily includes ice creams and chilled creams usually made using artisan methods according to longestablished traditions in the Marina Baixa district, where the towns of Ibi and Xixona stand out as indisputable ice-cream capitals. Refreshing drinks accompanying the sweets go by the names of leche merengada, barley water, iced coffee and iced lemon, a field in which the town of La Vila Joiosa enjoys great prestige. 

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Dulces de la Comunidad Valenciana

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